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FastComet vs HostGator – Who Is a Better Host?

Web hosting or Internet hosting service providers are a very integral part of getting your content accessible online. They provide the necessary servers to host their clients’ websites. But with so many web hosts available, you might find it difficult to choose your WebHost. To help you make a more informed decision, I’ve pitted these top hosting companies head-to-head in this FastComet vs. HostGator review.

FastComet vs HostGator – An Unbiased Comparison

Hostgator is a Webhosting company established back in 2002 in Florida. The company has since grown into an international provider of internet hosting services. The company is currently offering shared Webhosting solutions, WordPress hosting solutions, website builder, domain services, VPS, and dedicated servers.

FastComet vs HostGator

FastComet is a much newer Webhosting service provider starting their journey in 2013. Despite being a relatively new company, it has grown to become one of the most affordable cPanel hosting service providers in the industry. The company currently offers shared Webhosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Domain registration, Site builder, Open-source hosting services, VPS, and Dedicated servers.

Free Domain Transfers

When thinking about FastComet vs. HostGator, you have to keep in mind that both companies offer free domain transfer to their services. HostGator offers domain transfer for their new customer for the first 30 days of them signing up. On the other and, Fastcomet offers free domain transfers to their servers for up to a year of a new customer signing up. Additionally, Hostgator only allows you to transfer one website with its share Webhosting plan, whereas FastComet offers up to 3 website transfers with their highest shared Webhosting plans.

FastCloud CDN

Although being a capable and reliable web host on its own, Hostgator does not have the advantage of using the Cloudflare CDN to deliver their content. FastComet uses Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to deliver all its content. Having a designated CDN to deliver content essentially means they don’t have to share bandwidth with other web hosts, mitigating network lag and load times. If you prefer the services of Cloudflare CDN, you must keep this point in mind when deciding on FastComet vs. HostGator.


Both of the companies, Hostgator and FastComet, offer their resources according to their package tiers. Overall, both of them give you plenty of resources accordingly to your selection of the plan. Both the company offers you unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail account, unlimited MySQL databases, and many more resources. One edge that HostGator has over FastComet is, Hostgator offers you unlimited network bandwidth. Whereas, FastComet offers you their bandwidth under the fair usage policy.


When talking about a comparison of FastComet vs. HostGator, the hardware they use to host the websites can be crucial. Both companies use the latest SSD technology to host their server. The SSDs make their services some of the fastest Webhosting services out there. Both of the companies offer cPanel as their control panel. A big point of emphasis for FastComet will be that they offer dual-core CPUs and 2GB of RAM to host your websites even for their beginner plans.

Money-back Guarantee

Both HostGator and Fastcomet are reputed companies with many years of experience in the web hosting industry. To provide their customers with a sense of security, both the companies offer a 45-day money-back guarantee on their services. Suppose you are not satisfied with their services or want to discontinue for any other reasons. In that case, you can do so by getting in touch with their respective support teams, and you will be refunded completely.

DNS management and Addon Domains

FastComet offers an excellent DNS management service for free with all its shared hosting plans. The DNS management service even extends to the domain services registered with them. In simpler terms, even if you do not have any hosting plans, you will get the free DNS management service on just registering a domain.

Additionally, FastComet and Hostgator both offer you the additional service of Addon domains with the higher plans. Addon domains allow you to host additional websites from a single account.

Suppose you like the option to have addon domains and are not that skilled in manual DNS management. In that case, the availability of both can be a deciding factor when considering FastComet vs. HostGator.

Sign up & Registration Process

The signup process for both of the hosting companies is very straightforward. For HostGator, all you need to do is visit their website and choose your Webhosting type and plan and click on ‘Buy Now!’. Once you’re on the billing page, register a new domain, or transfer your old domain and create a HostGator account. Provide necessary billing information, coupons, and additional services (if you want), and you’re good to go.

With FastComet, the process is almost the same with key differences being the process is spread across two pages. The first page contains the domain registration and transfer. And on the second page, it asks for the necessary information. Once you’ve entered the info, FastComet VPS Coupon and chosen the additional plans, you’re ready to checkout.


To many people, pricing can be a key factor when deciding between FastComet vs. HostGator. Let’s take a look at their individual pricing for their respective Shared Webhosting plans.


The company offers three different plans for their shared Webhosting service. Then plans are as follows:

  • Hatchling plan: It is the company’s beginner plan and is restricted to host only one website. The plan comes with all the basic features and is priced at $2.75 per month.
  • Baby Plan: The Baby plan lets you host unlimited sites, which comes at $3.95 per month.
  • Business plan: The Business plan adds SEO Tools and Dedicated IP on top of the Baby Plan, and it comes at $5.95 per month.
HostGator Hosting


FastComet also offers three plans for its premium shared Webhosting service. The plans are:

  • FastCloud: The basic plan allows you to host one website and comes at $2.95 per month. The plan includes all the basic features offered by the company.
  • FastCloud Plus: The plan allows you to host unlimited websites, which comes at $4.45 per month.
  • FastCloud Extra: FastCloud Extra adds some premium features like five-layer caching on top of the previous plan, which comes at $5.95 per month.
FastComet Hosting


As we saw in this FastComet vs. HostGator review, both companies are very capable and professional in their Webhosting services. They even have similarly priced beginner plans for their shared Webhosting service. The slightly higher price of the FastComet plans is justified by the additional services the company offers. Hopefully, the key points made in this article will help you decide when looking for a Webhosting service.